Pets + Paychecks: Get Paid for Dog Walking

Do you love pets? Turn your passion into profits by starting a dog walking business from home. The pet industry continues growing as more people treat their furry friends as family. Capitalize on this demand by offering pet services like dog walking and pet sitting.

Follow this guide to start earning paychecks caring for pets from the comfort of your home on your schedule. Discover how to tap into the lucrative pet care industry step-by-step.

Research the Local Pet Services Market

Conduct due diligence to assess if pet care needs in your area present viable business opportunities.

Gauge Pet Ownership Demographics

Use resources like the American Veterinary Medical Association’s pet ownership statistics to analyze pet owner percentages in your city and neighborhood. Areas with more households owning dogs present the largest markets.

Identify Competitor Pet Care Providers

Search online business directories and Google Maps to identify existing pet service providers near you. Make note of their services offered and pricing to inform your positioning. Avoid oversaturated markets if possible.

Survey Neighbors About Needs

Connect with neighbors to gauge interest in dog walking or pet sitting services. Ask if they currently use a provider and their level of satisfaction. This provides market insights from potential customers.

Calculate Expected Income Potential

Based on your research into local demand and rates, estimate your income potential accounting for costs like gas or pet supplies. Ensure adequate opportunity exists to merit launching services.

Obtain Necessary Credentials and Clearances


Take steps to qualify for providing dog walking and pet services in your jurisdiction.

Complete Pet First Aid/CPR Training

Gain knowledge on safely handling medical situations with dogs through accredited pet first aid and CPR programs available online and locally. Certifications build customer trust.

Undergo a Background Check

Many dog walking services require cleared background checks before hiring. Prospective clients will likely request this as well for their peace of mind.

Check Local Licensing Rules

Some areas require special pet service business permits or licenses to operate legally. Research any regulations in your city or county.

Obtain Dog Handler’s Insurance

Liability insurance protects you in the event a dog gets injured while in your care. Compare plans from providers like Business Insurers of the Carolinas.

Craft Your Pet Care Business Offerings

Dog Walking

Determine the exact mix of pet services to provide clients based on market demand and your personal skills.

Dog Walking

The core service. Promote daily dog walks of specific lengths like 20 minutes or one hour. Dog walking enables flexible scheduling with recurring revenue.

Doggy Daycare

Full or half day supervision for pets while owners work. Adds revenue but requires more space and time from you.

Pet Taxi Service

Pick up and drop off pets for services like vet visits or grooming. Allows upselling additional services.

Overnight Pet Sitting

Entails extended visits to client homes to care for pets while traveling. May involve administering medication.

Home Visits

Short house visits for feeding, play time, medication when owners are out briefly. Typically 30 minutes to one hour.

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Set Your Rates and Policies

Pricing your services fairly while earning your desired income involves careful consideration.

Research Competitor Pricing

Gauge average service rates in your area based on other pet businesses. Keep rates at par or slightly below competitors initially as a new provider.

Factor in Business Expenses

Account for costs like gas, supplies, gear, insurance, licensing fees. Price services to cover expenses and earn a 30-50% profit margin.

Offer Package Discounts

Offer discounted rates for regular customers booking multiple services per month. Incentivizes booking frequency and customer loyalty long-term.

Require Deposits and Cancellation Policies

Collect a non-refundable deposit upfront when booking. Implement a cancellation policy outlining a deadline to cancel without penalty.

Accept Various Payment Methods

Offer easy payment options like credit cards, PayPal, Venmo. Some client management systems allow sending digital invoices.

Market Your Pet Services

Dog Walking

Employ diverse tactics to get the word out about your new pet business.

Create Website and Social Pages

Launch a professional website with services, rates, gallery, and contact info. Start social media accounts like Facebook to engage pet owners online.

Design Logo and Branding

Create unique logo, color palette, and branding that reflect your pet business’ personality and establishes professionalism.

Distribute Printed Flyers and Cards

Print flyers and business cards to distribute locally at places like pet stores, vet offices, groomers, parks, community boards, etc.

Run Local Facebook and Google Ads

Run paid ads targeted by location and keywords like “dog walking near me” to connect with pet owners searching in your area.

Partner with Local Pet Businesses

Offer discounts to groomers or vets who refer new clients. Cross-promotion expands reach.

Sponsor Rescue Events

Sponsoring local pet adoption events earns goodwill. Bring branded swag like bandanas or tennis balls as giveaways.

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Manage Client Relations and Scheduling


Juggling multiple clients and pets on a schedule takes organization.

Onboard New Clients

Collect important info upfront like vet records, medical issues, feeding schedules. Have owners sign off on policies and agreements.

Use Scheduling/Invoicing Software

Apps like PetSitterPro allow booking services online, tracking visits, collecting payment, and managing clients.

Arrange Meet and Greets

Initially meet with new pets in their home on a free introductory visit to ensure a good match before paid service.

Request Reviews

Ask satisfied pet parents to leave reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and your website. This builds social proof to attract clients.

Send Appreciation and Updates

Check in with email newsletters. Send holiday cards or give occasional treats to cherished clients and their pets.

Final Takeaways

With passion and proper planning, pet care services present a rewarding opportunity to monetize your love of animals, be your own boss, and set a flexible schedule. Remember to:

  • Research market opportunity and local regulations
  • Obtain required credentials like first aid/CPR training
  • Craft services suiting your skills, interests and availability
  • Set competitive rates but offer package discounts
  • Market consistently through diverse channels
  • Streamline scheduling and client management

Turning playtime into paychecks by helping pets and their owners in your community aligns personal passion with earning potential. Time to let your pet care business off the leash!

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