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Mason Greenwood- Greenwood’s departure from Manchester United has been decided upon mutual agreement by the player and the club, considering it inappropriate for him to continue his career at Old Trafford.

Subsequently, Manchester United will actively seek out a new club for Greenwood. This decision follows an internal investigation led by chief executive Richard Arnold. The investigation concluded that the 21-year-old forward did not engage in any criminal activities. Additionally, the audio recording, which seemed to imply inappropriate behavior towards a woman, was deemed to be an incomplete representation of the situation.

It’s worth noting that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) dropped criminal charges of attempted rape, assault resulting in bodily harm, and controlling and coercive behavior in February.

Arnold’s Conclusion


However, Arnold came to a conclusion, which was also endorsed by Greenwood, that relocating to a different place would be a more favorable course of action. Presently, talks are ongoing regarding the potential outcomes of his contract, whether it will be concluded, or if Mason Greenwood should be placed for sale or loaned.

Having been under suspension from United for a duration of 18 months, Mason Greenwood acknowledged his errors, admitted the harm to his reputation, and pledged to evolve into a “more improved individual” moving forward.

Greenwood acknowledgement

He expressed, “I’d like to begin by acknowledging that I recognize people’s inclination to form opinions about me based on what they’ve observed and heard through social media. I’m aware that there might be negative assumptions. I was brought up understanding that any form of violence or abuse within a relationship is unequivocally wrong. The accusations levied against me are untrue; I did not engage in the alleged actions. In February, I was exonerated from all charges—Crown Prosecution Service dropped the charges following the withdrawal of key witnesses and the emergence of new evidence.

“Nevertheless, I readily admit that I erred within my relationship, and I assume my fair share of responsibility for the circumstances that led to the social media post. I’m in the process of comprehending my role as a positive example in my capacity as a professional footballer. My focus extends to the considerable responsibilities of being a father and a supportive partner.

Manchester United’s Resolution

“The resolution reached today was the outcome of a collective effort involving Manchester United, my family, and myself. The most prudent decision for all of us is for me to pursue my football career away from Old Trafford, ensuring that my presence doesn’t divert attention from the club. I am sincerely grateful to the club for their unwavering support since I joined at the age of seven. A part of me will forever remain loyal to United.

“I owe an immense debt of gratitude to my family and all my loved ones for standing by me. It’s now my duty to reciprocate the trust they’ve placed in me. I am committed to becoming not only an improved footballer but, more crucially, a devoted father and a better individual. I aim to channel my talents positively both on and off the field.”

Greenwood’s Contract


Greenwood, who still has two years remaining on his contract, boasts a record of 35 goals in 129 appearances for United and has earned one cap for the English national team.

Arnold, taken aback upon hearing the audio recording featuring Greenwood, acknowledged that the resolution wasn’t swift or uncomplicated. He highlighted that the alleged victim had withdrawn her complaint.

He commented, “Upon encountering the audio and visual content shared online in January 2022, I was initially shocked and concerned for the alleged victim. Her well-being, preferences, and standpoint have been central to the club’s approach throughout this period, as our standards and principles. While we promptly suspended Mason pending the inquiry, we were also mindful of our duty to safeguard his welfare.

Final Thoughts

“While I’m convinced that Mason Greenwood didn’t commit the offenses he was accused of, he has conceded to his mistakes and has assumed responsibility. I’m also attuned to the challenges Mason would face while attempting to rebuild his career and nurture a child with his partner under the intense scrutiny associated with Manchester United. Furthermore, this situation has spurred impassioned opinions, and it’s my duty to mitigate any disruptions to the unity we’re striving for within the club.”

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