How To Make Money with Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is an excellent platform for indie authors and publishers to earn money by publishing ebooks. With KDP, you can publish your ebook on Amazon and make it available to millions of Kindle users worldwide. The best part is you don’t need any prior experience in publishing or coding to publish your ebook on KDP.

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through the entire process of how to make money by publishing ebooks on Amazon KDP.

What is Amazon KDP?

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is Amazon’s self-publishing platform that allows independent authors and publishers to publish their ebooks directly to Amazon. With KDP, you can publish your ebooks and paperbacks quickly and easily without the need for agents or publishers.

Once you publish your ebook on KDP, it will be available to millions of readers on Kindle Devices and free Kindle Reading Apps. You can earn up to 70% royalty on sales of your ebooks depending on the price and country of sale.

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Why Publish on Amazon KDP?

Here are some of the top benefits of using Amazon KDP:

  • Massive Reach: Amazon has the biggest user base with over 100 million Prime members worldwide. Publishing on KDP gives you instant access to this huge reader base.
  • High Royalty Rates:  You can earn up to 70% in royalties on ebook sales priced between $2.99 to $9.99. The more you price your book, the higher the royalty.
  • Global Distribution: Your book will be available to readers in major countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India etc.
  • Easy Publishing: KDP makes it super easy to publish an ebook with no upfront costs. You don’t need any technical knowledge or coding skills.
  • Print Books: Along with ebooks, KDP also allows you to publish your book in paperback format.
  • Free Promotion: You can run free promotion days to increase the visibility of your ebooks.
  • Control Pricing: You have full control to price your ebook at any price point you want.

Step-by-Step Guide to Publishing on KDP


Follow this simple step-by-step guide to publish your ebook on Amazon KDP:

Step 1: Sign Up for a KDP Account

Go to, and click on “Sign Up” to create your KDP account. You will need to provide your account details and tax information.

Step 2: Format & Upload Your Manuscript

KDP accepts ebooks in .DOC, .DOCX, HTML, MOBI, EPUB, RTF and PDF format. The recommended format is Word DOC/DOCX.

Make sure your ebook is properly formatted with a clickable table of contents, proper headers, page breaks, etc. You can format your ebook yourself or use professional formatting services like Reedsy –

Once your ebook is ready, upload it along with the book cover to KDP.

Step 3: Fill in Book Details

This step involves filling in all the important book details like:

  • Title and subtitle
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Categories
  • Language
  • Pricing
  • Territories

Spend time coming up with the right mix of keywords so that your book is easily discoverable by readers.

Step 4: Upload a Book Cover

A professional and high-quality book cover is vital for ebook sales. You can hire experienced designers on sites like Fiverr and Upwork to create a great book cover for you.

Amazon recommends a minimum size of 2500 pixels on the longest side and a minimum size of 1000 pixels on the shortest side.

Step 5: Preview Your eBook

Once you have filled all the information, you can preview how your ebook’s product page will look on Amazon. Check everything looks good and make changes if required.

Step 6: Publish Your eBook

Now simply click on the Publish button and your ebook will be live on Amazon within 24-48 hours.

Congratulations, you have successfully published your ebook on Amazon KDP!

Kindle eBook Pricing Strategy

Pricing your ebook correctly is important for maximizing your profits. Here are some KDP pricing tips:

  • For ebooks between 50 to 100 pages, price it between $2.99 to $3.99
  • For ebooks between 100 to 200 pages, price it from $3.99 to $5.99
  • For longer ebooks above 200 pages, price from $5.99 to $9.99

To earn 70% royalties, price your book between $2.99 to $9.99. Also, avoid pricing your book below $2.99 or above $9.99 to get optimal results.

Experiment with different prices and do promotions to figure out the right pricing strategy. Make sure to consider factors like age, niche, competition and length.

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Promote your KDP eBook

Just publishing your ebook is not enough. You need to actively promote it to get sales and visibility.

Here are some effective promotional strategies for your KDP books:

  • Enroll in KDP Select to run free promotions
  • Run Kindle Countdown deals
  • Share it on social media
  • Get reviews from readers
  • Build your author platform and email list
  • Pitch to book reviewers and bloggers
  • Create content like videos and infographics
  • Run Amazon ads to target readers
  • Promote on websites, groups and forums related to your niche

The key is to continually experiment with different marketing ideas to determine what works for your ebook.

Analyze Performance and Optimize

KDP provides reports on your book’s performance like sales, royalty, advertising costs etc. Analyze these reports regularly to identify opportunities for improvement.

Look at factors like:

  • Conversion rate of book page visitors to buyers
  • Returns and refund rate
  • Traffic sources driving the most sales
  • Demographics and interests of your readers
  • Categories and keywords bringing in sales

Use these insights to refine your keywords, categories, pricing, book description and other metadata to boost sales.

Create an Ebook Series

One of the most effective strategies to make money on KDP is to create an ebook series.

When you publish a series of ebooks:

  • Readers who like one book will buy the next in the series
  • You can retain readers longer
  • Each new release boosts visibility for the entire series
  • Writing sequels takes less time than writing new books

Promote your series as a packaged bundle to encourage readers to buy the entire set.

Expand into Audiobooks

Consider turning your ebooks into audiobooks and publishing them through ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange).

Audiobooks have become a huge market. Expanding into audiobooks will help you:

  • Reach readers who prefer listening to reading
  • Earn more royalties from the same content
  • Get more exposure by being present across formats

With ACX, you can either produce your own audiobook or hire professional narrators.

Diversify Beyond Amazon

While Amazon KDP provides the widest reach, you can earn more by diversifying to other platforms like:

  • Barnes and Noble Nook**: Second largest ebook retailer after Amazon
  • Apple Books: Preloaded on all iOS devices with millions of iPad/iPhone users
  • Google Play Books: Access Android’s giant user base
  • Kobo: Popular in Canada and other international markets

Each platform has its own publishing requirements and reaches different geographical regions. Have your ebook available across key platforms to maximize sales.


Make Money with Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited (KU) allows subscribers to read unlimited ebooks for a fixed monthly fee. As an author, you can enroll your books in KU to earn additional income.

When KU readers read your book, you earn money from a fixed monthly KU fund based on number of pages read. The more pages read, the more you earn.

Having your books in KU gives you access to millions of voracious readers. But being exclusive to Amazon also limits your reach. Weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Create Paperbacks through KDP Print

You can use KDP Print to easily self-publish your book as a paperback on Amazon. KDP handles printing and distribution.

With paperbacks, you only earn royalty when a reader purchases a copy. But it allows you to reach readers who prefer physical books.

Paperbacks also help boost visibility for ebook sales. They make your book look more established and get you credibility as an author.

Leverage Amazon Ads and Sponsored Brands

  • Amazon gives you powerful advertising options to market your KDP books:
  • Amazon Product Ads: Target readers searching for books based on keywords
  • Amazon Marketing Services: Highly customizable ads to reach the right audience
  • Sponsored Brands: Get your book cover displayed prominently in search results

Set up your KDP books as “automated targeting” products to start showing Amazon ads. Experiment with different bids and keywords to get sales at a profitable CPC.


Amazon KDP provides an amazing opportunity for independent authors and publishers to build a profitable publishing business.

Follow the step-by-step process outlined in this guide to begin your self-publishing journey. Focus on writing high-quality books, great covers, smart pricing and consistent marketing to succeed with KDP.

Diversify to other platforms, create audiobooks, use KDP Print and leverage Amazon ads to maximize your income. With persistence and hard work, you can earn a healthy income publishing ebooks on Amazon KDP.

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