About Us

"Welcome to AgbaiMall

AgbaiMall stands out as a premier listing and retail company offering budget-friendly and long-lasting products such as: fashion, edibles, computers, accessories, and a diverse range of electronics.

Recognizing the essential need in the global information technology sector, Fashion and consumables, we focus on catering to the Nigerian market.

Established in 2020 as an indigenous company, AgbaiMall doesn't just market or list fashion, edible, electronic devices; we deliver top-notch after-sales support that aligns with international market standards.

Throughout our journey, we have pioneered the introduction of new brands and innovative services, including fashion, computers, Mobile Phone and much more.

Our Vision

"To become the most customer-centric retail company in Nigeria"

Our Mission
To establish AgbaiMall as a truly indigenous online market place for listing and advertising platform, built on ethical principles, delivering value for customers, employees, sellers and capital providers."